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Fruit & Veg Boxes London

Here at Marvellous Greens & Beans, we offer great value fruit and veg boxes in London, with a fully customisable and flexible service to suit you. We are a London based company with a shop on Brockley Rise and always source our products locally to support communities within our area. Our team thrives on creating great relationships with farmers to ensure our customers get high-quality, fresh fruit and veg every time. Our turnaround delivery time is quick and customer service is at the forefront of our company ethos, which is why we can offer a fully customisable service! 

How Our Service Works

We aim to be as flexible as possible when building your box to reduce wastage, which is why you can add and remove products when you need. This is how to build your fruit & veg box below:

Step 1 - Select Your Box Type

We offer a range of fruit & veg box types, so you can have a mixture of produce or fruit and veg on their own. See which box types we have:

Step 2 - Choose A Specific Box

Our products are done in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of the household. Whether you are looking for a smaller box for a weekly top-up or a large box for a busy family, we have a fruit & veg box to cater for your needs.

Step 3 - Time To Customise Your Fruit & Veg

Once you have selected your box, you can now start to add and remove your produce! We don’t have a standard ingredient list, as we want our customers to have control over their weekly deliveries. Easily search through our categories below and start adding to your box. 

Step 4 - Need Any Extras?

For added convenience, we have a range of additional products that you can put into your box as an added extra! Shop our extras below:

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Breakfast Box Delivery

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Deli Meat Delivery

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Pantry Essentials

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Snack Delivery Service

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Herb Delivery

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Herb Delivery

Where Do We Deliver In London

As we operate from London, we have amazing delivery flexibility in the local and surrounding areas! Try out our postcode checker below, or contact us if you have any questions.

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Get In Touch

Still deciding whether to purchase a fruit & veg box in London? Get in touch with our friendly team or call us on 0203 633 9822 who can advise you on our service from delivery times, to helping navigate how to customise your box.

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