Bread Delivery Service & Subscription

Our bread delivery service has a range of freshly baked loafs available to add to your one-off box or subscription. Enjoy the range of options we have available including sourdough, multigrain, baguette and tin loaves, sourced from quality suppliers. Order a box from Marvellous Greens & Beans and curate your perfect fresh weekly delivery with delivery across the UK. 

We offer flexibility and fully customisable options to suit any household. Whether you are an individual or a small family, the options are completely your choice to reduce wastage and only order what you need. Choose from the product options below, or get in touch if you have any questions.

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Showing all 6 results

What’s In Our Boxes?

We don’t have a set ingredients list every week because we love our clients to have full flexibility in their orders. Include bread into your one-off or subscription box and enjoy the convenience of having fresh loaves in your weekly delivery. 

You can fill your box with your preferences and to suit every household. That’s what set us apart. Include or exclude products every week by simply updating your account portal.

Check out our vegetables, fruit, herbs and pantry collections to see what additional items we can offer! 

Fresh Bread Delivered To Your Door

We deliver fresh bread across the UK as part of our custom fruit and veg boxes. You can fully customise your box to include whichever products you want and need to reduce household food wastage. 

With our flexible delivery slots, we always aim to deliver at a time and a place that is best for you, so the box contents will stay fresh. For more information, check out our FAQ section.

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