Fruit Boxes

Sourcing the finest fruit for our fruit boxes, we have created the below fruit boxes available for subscription on a weekly / fortnightly or even monthly basis. Sourced as locally as possible with the freshest, sweetest tasting produce our fruit boxes are sure to fill up the fruit bowl nicely or make a splendid fruit gift.  Being fully customisable, you can swap out any products and replace them with what you need! Click on the boxes below for more information on contents and delivery.

Looking for office fruit boxes? Treat your employees in the office or home delivery with our dedicated business service.

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Showing all 3 results

What’s In Our Fruit Boxes?

Our Fruit Boxes are available for subscription or are great ordered as a gift. We have created relationships with many British farmers which allows us to select the very best British fruit when in season, from berries and currants to apples and pears. When not in season, we source our fruit with as little food miles as possible while still maintaining high quality and freshness.

To see what kind of fruit we have available most of the time click here

How It Works

Our Fruit Boxes are delivered UK wide most days of the week depending on location. You can choose your box as a subscription or choose one off if you wish to send it to somebody as a gift.

Add On These Products

While you are filling your Fruit Bowl with all of those sweet fruit, why not think about adding something else to stock your kitchen: