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Cacklebean Eggs (Half Dozen)

£3.75 available on subscription

CackleBean Eggs are the product of the Cackleberry farm where eggs are the focus. Always coming with a mix of 4 white eggs and 2 brown eggs they have the most golden yolks. There is good reason that they are known as Exquisite Eggs.

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Cacklebean Eggs (Half Dozen) £3.75 available on subscription

Cacklebean Eggs come from specially bred Arlington White chickens. They are fed on the best maize and corn and are completely free to roam.

Cacklebean eggs make the perfect brunch dish paired with our sourdough bread.

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1 review for Cacklebean Eggs (Half Dozen)

  1. David

    Would you ship to the U.S. and what would be the total charge U.S. with shipping.

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