Exotic Fruit Box

£15.00 available on subscription

We pride ourselves on our FLEXIBILITY on what goes in the boxes, giving you the freedom to completely CUSTOMISE your box and help you create a UNIQUE TAILORED Box.

If you have any specific items that you want or don’t want in your box, please email us on info@marvellousgreensandbeans.com and we will add this to your preferences. These preferences can even be changed on a weekly basis if you wish! 


The Exotic Fruit Box is a fruit lovers paradise. With flavours from around the world our Exotic Fruit Box contains 5 varieties of exotic fruits which have been carefully selected for their divine flavour and freshness.

*Unlike most companies we don’t list the typical products here because: If you have any specific Fruit that you wish to include or exclude from your order, we are always very flexible. We are happy to take your wishes and requests on a weekly basis. You can simply go to your preferences page in your account and tick or untick products that you like and don’t like. It couldn’t be easier to make your box just how you like it.


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