Hattingley Valley – The English Gent 2019


Hattingley Valley - The English Gent 2019 £29.50

Hattingley’s latest vintage of their extraordinarily popular sparkling Bacchus/Pinot Gris blend which was previously available as the Grand Duchess. For those of you that are new to this wine, the Bacchus gives it a vibrant, aromatic note and the Pinot Gris adds a little backbone. Hattingley don’t keep it for long on lees, just enough to enable the second fermentation as they don’t want it to take on any of the yeasty characters. The result is pure Englishness in a glass, straightforward and eminently enjoyable! Hattingley Valley uses the latest technology and equipment from continental Europe, has sophisticated waste disposal facilities and was the first UK winery to adopt solar power. The vines are nurtured throughout the growing year with an environmentally-sensitive approach to viticulture ensuring optimum ripeness, yield and quality of fruit.

‘There can’t be many other wines that express just how English they are in the glass. Bursting with aromas of elderflower and other hedgerow characters, this blend of Bacchus and Pinot Gris takes the expression of terroir to another level. Whilst the Bacchus provides the floral notes and white fruit flavours, the Pinot Gris gives the wine the backbone required for fermentation in the bottle.’ Emma Rice, Head Winemaker


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