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Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box (Small)

£17.95 available on subscription

We pride ourselves on our FLEXIBILITY on what goes in the boxes, giving you the freedom to completely CUSTOMISE your box and help you create a UNIQUE TAILORED Box.

If you have any specific items that you want or don’t want in your box, please email us on and we will add this to your preferences. These preferences can even be changed on a weekly basis if you wish! 

small fruit and veg box with summer fruits
Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box (Small) £17.95 available on subscription

Small Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box includes general household Fruit & Veg staples with popular and seasonal items.

This box will be enough to stock the fridge of an individual or a small busy family, while also including delicious fresh fruit for snacking and dessert.

The Small Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box will always contain: 8 portions of  fruit, vegetables or salads and can be completely customisable to your family’s needs.

Why choose seasonal produce:

  1. Nutrient content: Seasonal produce is generally harvested when it’s ripe and fully matured, which means it has had more time to develop its nutrients. This means that seasonal produce tends to be more nutrient-dense than produce that has been picked before it’s fully ripe and transported long distances.
  2. Taste: Seasonal produce tends to taste better because it’s fresher and hasn’t been stored or transported for long periods of time. This is especially true for fruits and vegetables that are highly perishable, such as berries and leafy greens.
  3. Environmental impact: Eating seasonal produce can reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. When fruits and vegetables are grown out of season, it often requires more energy to maintain the necessary growing conditions. This can result in more greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.
  4. Cost: Seasonal produce is often less expensive because it doesn’t require as much energy or resources to produce. When produce is shipped long distances or grown out of season, it can be more expensive due to the additional costs associated with transportation and production.
  5. Support local farmers: Eating seasonal produce can support local farmers and promote sustainable agriculture. By buying produce from local farmers, you can help support the local economy and reduce the distance that produce has to travel to get to your plate.

Overall, eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is a great way to support your health, the environment, and your local community.


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