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British Farming During COVID-19

Farm Fresh Produce & British Farming During COVID19

Learn how the global pandemic has affected fresh farm produce and other agriculture around the UK this year.

Like many industries affected by the coronavirus’s unprecedented consequences, the British economy’s agriculture sector has also experienced many rises for concern and for the right reasons. Now while the impact of COVID-19 on agricultural products themselves, the virus does pose a significant threat to food security, which has caused great uncertainty amongst British farmers. With lockdowns in place, restaurants and businesses closed except for grocery stores. There has been a dramatic shift in demand for farm-fresh produce.

Most Notable Impact of COVID-19 on British Farmers

One of the most notable impacts that can be seen as having a direct effect on British farming is how disruptive the closed borders have become. Farming across England is one of the EU’s most prosperous hubs for exporting UK vegetables, fruits, and meats. While many grocery stores have hired more staff and implemented direct farm delivery services to people’s households, many British farms have experienced labour shortages. There are no visitors or working migrants crossing over the board to fill these labour-intense jobs.

What is also concerning is that it is difficult to predict whether these surpluses will continue through different food seasons in the year ahead, which will have significant impacts on available quantities of farm-fresh produce.

How to help UK Vegetables & Fruit Farmers

Let’s take a look at some of the ways communities across the UK can help British farmers throughout the remainder of the global pandemic.

Shop Locally as Much as Possible & Take Advantage of Farm Delivery

One of the most valuable ways communities across the country can begin to help local farmers is to shop for locally grown UK fruits and vegetables instead of exports. This will help the local economies in your community and directly support small farming businesses instead of large farming corporations in other countries. If you are unsure how to purchase UK fruit and vegetables from your local farms, many small businesses have set up farm delivery services so that you can get your fresh produce directly to your door.

Only Buy What You Need

We understand how easy it can be to panic during times of uncertainty. However, one of the best ways to maintain the food supply while supporting local British farmers is not to waste food as much as possible. This means only buying what you need for the week so you can ensure that none of it becomes spoiled. It also helps maintain enough food on the market for everyone to purchase in your community.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to support local farmers during the pandemic, make sure to look into the benefits of local delivery in your area. Many local grocery stores have added this service to their daily operations to help enhance people’s lives in their area while keeping them safe from any COVID-19 exposures. Local delivery also saves your time and money. Just choose what you would like to purchase online, and the employees that work at the shop will package your food for you and deliver it right to your doorstep.

Marvellous Greens & Beans offers fresh produce delivery throughout London. If you would like to find out more information about the services we can off you and your families, please check out our main page for more details!

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